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Commercial Roofing Services in Ohio

Commercial Flat Roof Specialists

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No Cost Diagnostic Commercial Roof Examinations

At Mid-Ohio Roofing Inc. we provide commercial roofing solutions.

Roof systems can deteriorate from: normal wear; severe weather conditions (e.g., wind and snow loads); building movement (e.g., settlement, material contraction/expansion); and improper design, construction and maintenance. Any roof repairs not dealt with after the first signs of failure can result in increased damage to the building envelope and interior finishes, and loss of occupant productivity.

Mid-Ohio Roofing, Inc. provides Roofing Assessments to determine if :

At Mid-Ohio Roofing Inc. one of our industry trained professionals will perform a diagnostic roof exam which will include photo documentation of current conditions, potential reasons as to failure, potential solutions and costs, as well as remaining life expectancy of current system, any preventive maintenance that may prolong life expectancy of the current roof and projected costs you may incur in the future.

Mid-Ohio Roofing takes into consideration; The long term use of the building. How long will the current owner have the facility? Does it make sense to restore, replace, install a ten - fifteen - twenty or thirty year system? We try to fit the right roofing solution to the building. We do not just sell roof systems.

Mid-Ohio Roofing stands behind it's proven reputation for quality craftsmanship and service.

General Roofing Assessments should include: