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Mid-Ohio Roofing, Inc. has invested in a thermal imaging camera in an effort to keep to our idea of selling to the needs of our customers. We know the basic need of any business is to make money, not spend it. By using this camera we can "dissect" your roof and remove the "cancerous" areas and save the customer money. We at Mid-Ohio Roofing, Inc. know that a new roof on your facility does not make you money, but protects your money. It is our job to figure out the most cost effective way to protect your money.

Thermal Imaging Technology to Detect Roof Problems

By isolating the individual wet spots on your roof, we can remove smaller areas, reducing the tear off required and therefore save you money

Mid-Ohio Roofing, Inc. saved Guardian Automotive over $250,000.00 by only tearing off the noted wet portion of their roof. The camera locks in on the wet portions of the roof. So in lieu of tearing off all 180,000 square feet we were able to pin point 4,000 square feet and remove only the wet portion of the roof.

Guardian Automotive Roofing Project



Do you know that most roofs are never cored for moisture prior to a new roof being installed directly over the existing roof?



Roof systems are being installed every day over existing roofs that are laden with moisture content. This moisture content cannot escape the roof system. It will simply stay inside the composition of the roof and begin deteriorating your new roof system from the inside out. Or worse, it will begin to rot your deck and lead to costly repair expenses that can be avoided if you are informed enough to know what to look for in you're new roof system. Mid-Ohio Roofing, Inc. can provide a moisture survey prior to the installation of your roofing system.

No manufacturer will warrant a roof system if it is installed over an existing roof that contains moisture. So that big warranty that you just bought is worthless before it even goes into affect.

Always ask for core samples or a thermal scan of any roof area that has had long-term leaks to avoid this costly mistake. A core sample is just that, a small portion of your roof system (usually 2" round) is removed and reviewed for moisture content. A very inexpensive solution that can save you thousands in the long-term cost of your new roof system. Thermal scans use infrared photography to detect hot spots in your roof.

A hot spot is a point that contains moisture. It loads up with heat during the day and releases that heat through out the night. This heat is directly added or lost from your building on daily basis affecting your heating and cooling expense.

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